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Business tips for freelancers and sole traders

Apr 12

Be fearless – but learn from mistakes

A comment to a recent post here and a post on LinkedI summarise a key element of the success I’ve managed as a freelancer.

Sep 18

Five things to do when the work dries up

The last month has brought me a challenge that, until now, I’d not had to deal with in my freelance business. Several jobs that were booked with regular, reliable clients were cancelled meaning that my work and financial planning were¬†laid to waste.

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Aug 12

How to choose a niche – balancing fun, talent and profit

Choosing a niche to exploit might feel like a black art rather than a science. Here’s how I do it.

Aug 05

Business transformation by accident

I’ve been looking back at the mix of work I’ve done over the last few months and discovered something – I’m not doing the work I thought I was. At some point, my business changed without me realising. I had a business transformation without planning. Business transformation might sound like a big deal. But by being flexible, open to new ideas and prepared, you can adapt to changing circumstances quickly.

Jul 30

Finding Opportunities in Downturns

In a recent online discussion, a fellow freelancer bemoaned that are cent round of cost cutting at a large publisher would result in fewer opportunities for freelancers and other independent contractors. Such events are great opportunities for freelancers.

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