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Business tips for freelancers and sole traders

Jun 04

Exploiting niches is the key

It might well be the oldest business problem there is – how do you find and develop a market niche that others haven’t fully exploited? What are some of the things you can do?

Dec 23

Twitter and your Reputation

When it comes to your business, brand and credibility the most important asset you have is your reputation. In today’s world you can express your opinion quickly and have it viewed by a potential audience of millions in just a few minutes. That means a whole new way of thinking about what comes out of of your mouth or streams from your fingertips. Just ask former PR consultant Justine Sacco.

Nov 18

Do you need business cards?

In the digital age, business cards seem like a product of a bygone era. But great business cards can be an important marketing asset.

Oct 21

How do decide about co-working in a managed office

It’s a decision every small business that grows needs to make. Can I keep working from home? Or is it time to rent office space? Is there an alternative? It turns out that there’s a middle ground that is cost effective and helps you put on a more professional, “big end of time’ face for your clients.

Oct 17

Is self-publishing a book a wise move?

Is writing and self-publishing an e-book worthwhile? For every success story there are thousands of writers who sell fewer than 500 copies and make nothing. If you’re planning to write a book – be clear in your objectives and make sure they are realistic.

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