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Aug 24

Journo Advice is now Totally Freelance

When I started Journo Advice I was very much of the mind that I was a freelance journalist and that most of what I’d write about would be about the┬ábusiness if being a freelance journalist. Since then, things have changed for me and i see myself as less of a freelance journalist and more of …

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Dec 18

Getting Value from LinkedIn

Running a small business is hard work. In addition to actually plying your skills, there’s a bunch of administrative effort that you probably either never expected or underestimated before you launched your business. So, why would you add engaging in a social network like LinkedIn into your workload?

Feb 11

Sick days, productivity and marketing

What happens when things don’t go to plan? Why set up your computer with two or more displays? Easy Steps for Making a Small Home Business and developing your personal brand.

Jan 29

Rates, Raspberry Pi, Predictions and Social Media

This week, I’ve been thinking about a number of things. At the top of that list is what to charge clients. Although I have a well defined system for setting rates it’s still something that I’m concerned about, particularly as the economy is so uncertain. I’ve also been playing with a new computer, the $50 Raspberry Pi and looking at how to get the most out of social media.

Oct 06

Links – Employees, Charge Rates and Essential Decisions

The life of the freelancer is not all beer and skittles. There are lots of decisions to make like how to charge clients, whether to use other freelancers or grow to a business with employees and other decisions.

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