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Just for laughs

Jan 11

Time Wasting Clients

Hitting deadlines can be challenging when the client doesn’t help.

Jan 23

Is swearing bad?

The use of language is something I find really interesting. In particular I find it interesting how what some people find acceptable, and even great use of language, can be considered offensive by others. The so-called “seven dirty words” (see this Wikipedia article if the reference is unfamiliar)¬†were considered unusable on television just a few …

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Jan 16

What is a journalist?

Another video from xtranormal, titled “I am journalist”. Have a nice Sunday.

Jan 09

Adventures in Freelancing

Anyone who has freelanced for a while will have been faced with this situation. Freelancing can, sometimes, be an exercise in frustration. But, as the character in the video says – you don’t work for fun, you work for money. There are two other videos in the series at Part 2 Part 3