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Tips for freelancers and sole traders to make sure that they are paid well and promptly

Sep 18

Five things to do when the work dries up

The last month has brought me a challenge that, until now, I’d not had to deal with in my freelance business. Several jobs that were booked with regular, reliable clients were cancelled meaning that my work and financial planning were¬†laid to waste.

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Jun 12

The Balancing Act of Setting a Rate

Setting a rate when you’re dealing with a new client can be a tricky task. On one hand you want to ensure that you’re paid a reasonable rate but you don’t want to give them sticker shock and scare them off.

Oct 17

Is self-publishing a book a wise move?

Is writing and self-publishing an e-book worthwhile? For every success story there are thousands of writers who sell fewer than 500 copies and make nothing. If you’re planning to write a book – be clear in your objectives and make sure they are realistic.

Feb 01

Quick Guide – Setting a Rate

Setting a rate – it’s one of the first things all freelancers need to do. If you don;t know how much you want to be paid, there’s no way of knowing whether the work you do will help pay the bills.

Jan 29

Rates, Raspberry Pi, Predictions and Social Media

This week, I’ve been thinking about a number of things. At the top of that list is what to charge clients. Although I have a well defined system for setting rates it’s still something that I’m concerned about, particularly as the economy is so uncertain. I’ve also been playing with a new computer, the $50 Raspberry Pi and looking at how to get the most out of social media.

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