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Tips for freelancers and sole traders to make sure that they are paid well and promptly

Jan 15

There is no “correct” rate

“How much should I charge?”. Often, the question is couched with fear that if the freelancer asks for too much that the client will walk away. Other times, there’s almost a sense of embarrassment about asking for a high rate.

Jan 10

Taking jobs for the money

When you’re a freelancer, you dream of only ever taking up projects you really believe in. You get to choose the work you do, who your clients are and where you work. Well, that’s the idea. But the reality is that sometimes you have to decide whether taking a job for the money that you’re not passionate about is worth taking.

Jan 03

Dealing with disaster – losing your income

Freelancers need to plan for disasters. Guest writer Mark Juddery explains why from his own, very personal experience.

Nov 08

Freelance Does Not Equal Employee

As a freelancer, you’re often a price taker rather than maker. But that doesn’t mean you need to sell your soul to the lowest bid.

May 22

Junkets, Gifts and Ethics

Establishing and documenting your code of ethics is important for protecting your professional reputation.

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