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Tips for the freelancer or journalist trying to make a start

Aug 24

Journo Advice is now Totally Freelance

When I started Journo Advice I was very much of the mind that I was a freelance journalist and that most of what I’d write about would be about the┬ábusiness if being a freelance journalist. Since then, things have changed for me and i see myself as less of a freelance journalist and more of …

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Jun 04

Exploiting niches is the key

It might well be the oldest business problem there is – how do you find and develop a market niche that others haven’t fully exploited? What are some of the things you can do?

Mar 20

Naming your business

It’s something I’ve not really given all that much thought to but a recent conversation has got me thinking. How do you go about naming your business? Although the name you choose says a lot about your business, the words you don’t use in the name are also important.

Dec 14

Technology for Freelancers

Choosing the best technology for a freelance business is about more than picking an accounting package. Every part of the freelance business needs the right tools.

Oct 17

The Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short description of what you do that can be delivered to a stranger who knows nothing about you or what you do in in the time you share an elevator ride.

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