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The essential tools for journalists, freelancers and sole traders

Mar 15

The Value of your Website

It’s easy to forget the basics when you’re really busy running your business. But this week I learned an important lesson. Keeping your marketing collateral and website up to date is critical.

Nov 18

Do you need business cards?

In the digital age, business cards seem like a product of a bygone era. But great business cards can be an important marketing asset.

Oct 21

How do decide about co-working in a managed office

It’s a decision every small business that grows needs to make. Can I keep working from home? Or is it time to rent office space? Is there an alternative? It turns out that there’s a middle ground that is cost effective and helps you put on a more professional, “big end of time’ face for your clients.

Jan 22

What’s it take to create success?

Success as an entrepreneur doesn’t come from messing around and hoping for the best. It comes from finding a niche or market need and serving it. Not by wondering what the world is going to give you.

Dec 14

Technology for Freelancers

Choosing the best technology for a freelance business is about more than picking an accounting package. Every part of the freelance business needs the right tools.

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