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Tips for journalists to looking the best efficiency gains

Sep 15

Building a home office

This is one from my personal archives. It’s a project I did about nine years ago but it’s still relevant although the costs might be a little different today. There comes a time for most folks when they out-grow the sapce that’s available to us. For my family and me, the time came when the …

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May 30

Three steps to becoming a great writer

Being a good writer isn’t about innate ability. Everyone can be a good writer with practice. Here are my three essential steps to becoming a great writer.

Mar 31

Explore and take every opportunity

Last week, the editor of one of my long-time clients, Australian Macworld tendered his resignation. This is not all that unusual as people do move between jobs. As Australian Macworld has been a long-term client I saw an exciting opportunity looming.

Nov 07

Getting stuck in the upgrade cycle

As a freelancer, you probably don’t have time to keep updating your phone, tablet and computer every few months. Aside from the time, there’s the risk involved in upgrading your equipment. Sometimes, features are changed, compatibility with critical applications is broken and, from time to time, the upgrade process breaks leaving you in a lurch.

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Aug 05

Business transformation by accident

I’ve been looking back at the mix of work I’ve done over the last few months and discovered something – I’m not doing the work I thought I was. At some point, my business changed without me realising. I had a business transformation without planning. Business transformation might sound like a big deal. But by being flexible, open to new ideas and prepared, you can adapt to changing circumstances quickly.

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