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Tips for journalists to looking the best efficiency gains

Jun 04

Exploiting niches is the key

It might well be the oldest business problem there is – how do you find and develop a market niche that others haven’t fully exploited? What are some of the things you can do?

Apr 09

Not every good idea works – but don’t stop trying

We’re all full of good ideas. Not necessarily “get rich quick” schemes but ideas for new income streams or business models. Some of these will even pass a cursory sanity check and get to the point where you start looking at feasibility.

Mar 20

Naming your business

It’s something I’ve not really given all that much thought to but a recent conversation has got me thinking. How do you go about naming your business? Although the name you choose says a lot about your business, the words you don’t use in the name are also important.

Mar 15

The Value of your Website

It’s easy to forget the basics when you’re really busy running your business. But this week I learned an important lesson. Keeping your marketing collateral and website up to date is critical.

Dec 18

Getting Value from LinkedIn

Running a small business is hard work. In addition to actually plying your skills, there’s a bunch of administrative effort that you probably either never expected or underestimated before you launched your business. So, why would you add engaging in a social network like LinkedIn into your workload?

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