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You didn’t think I’d be giving all this advice without hoping I’d make a buck out if it did you? I mean, what sort of freelancer would I be if I didn’t have one eye out for the next job and provide a way to hire me?

Five Second Resumé

I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for a few years now. My main areas of expertise are consumer technology, enterprise technology and small business management. I’ve written for some of the most well known mastheads in Australia including The Age, The Herald Sun, APC (Australian Personal Computer), PC Authority, CRN (Computer Reseller News), Australian Macworld and a bunch of other niche titles. My particular writing gift is the ability to take complex technical ideas and concepts and make them accessible to everyone. I like to think that my thing is the ability to switch from a helicopter view of things to the microscope when it comes to technology.

As well as working as a journalist covering product reviews, profiles and features, I’ve done some corporate writing, media training and worked as an IT manager, project manager, business analyst and consultant. In other words, I don’t write from a theoretical perspective – I have lots of real world experience as well – something many journalists can’t boast or match.


My rates are negotiable but I generally work on an hourly or day rate depending on the nature of the work.

How to Hire Me

If you’re interested in talking to me about a specific project or some work, the best thing to do is to head my business website at Gestalt Communications and use the contact form there to initiate contact.

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