Oct 06

Links – Employees, Charge Rates and Essential Decisions

The life of the freelancer is not all beer and skittles. There are lots of decisions to make like charge rates for clients, whether to use other freelancers or grow to a business with employees and other decisions.

Fortunately, you’re not the first freelancer who’s had to make those sorts of decisions.

Hourly reates vs job-based charging: The six strengths of per-task pay and a few of the questions and criticisms you might have [Freelance Switch]

How to handle staff in a booming business: This is always a difficult decision to make. Indeed in my experience gained over many years of mentoring, managing staff is the area most small business owners struggle with. And it is often the reason they are unable to grow their businesses and are forced to continue on with just themselves and close family members. [The Age]

7 Essential Professional Decisions to Determine Your Success or Failure: What determines freelancing success or failure? I’ve come to believe that there are seven vital decisions freelancers make that play a significant role in future success or failure. In this post, I’ve listed all seven essential professional decisions along with some suggestions about each one. At the end, I invite you to share how you’ve handled each decision.[Freelance Folder]


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