Feb 11

Sick days, productivity and marketing

Every week or so I post stories about freelancing that I find interesting. Let’s start by looking at a couple of articles from Freelance Folder and Flying Solo about something few freelancers talk, or even think about in my experience. What happens when things don’t go to plan?

We had a longer story by guest columnist Mark Juddery when he told us about losing his income following a serious car accident.

Freelancing Problems–What Can Go Wrong? http://freelancefolder.com/freelancing-problems-what-can-go-wrong/

The Soloist’s Sick Day http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/live-smarter/health-and-wellbeing/the-soloists-sick-day

I’m a big fan of setting up your computer with two or more displays. Microsoft’s article Work and play better with multiple monitors talks about the productivity benefits. I’m currently using three screens with the one computer. It’s incredibly convenient when I’m working on a story where I have several browser windows and sets of interview notes to review. In the old days we’d just spread the sheets of paper across the desk. But expanding your desktop achieves the same thing electronically.

multi-screen, expanded desktop, iMac

Here are my three screens. The iMac in the middle supports connecting two more screens so I can spread the desktop out.

Finally, Homepreneurs shares some Easy Steps for Making a Small Home Business and Threshold Consulting discusses Developing your personal brand. This is something all sole traders, freelancers and small businesses need to think about.

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  1. Jervis Whitley

    Your productivity may increase after you get that second monitor, but I believe you can get the same productivity increase without the second monitor.

    What the second monitor does is allow you to keep information about the task you are working on within easy reach. Documentation for code, A history of emails between you and a co-worker. A copy of the National Electricity Rules, whatever you refer to.

    We can get the same effect if we can switch between the two apps quickly. Like ALT + TAB, or the screen switcher thing on Mac. That way you don’t have to make that frustrating choice of “do I have a monitor directly in front and one to the side” or “two slightly off center monitors”.

  2. Jervis Whitley

    Also, your set up is so wide! In the future we wont need bulky screens. Everything will be on a floating device that seamlessly wraps around as you turn your head.

    Save your cash for that day.

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