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Mar 31

The Business of Freelancing

The business of freelancing is hard work. I recently presented on this topic to my peers.

Jan 24

Persistence – key to getting published

Respected freelancer Alison Aprhys, pictured right, tells this story of persistence and self-belief. I wanted to cover the Victorian floods but could not get a media outlet to commit to buying my images / stories, so I just drove to Horsham / Warracknabeal as an independent freelancer. Took gumboots, camera, laptop, sleeping bag and loads …

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Jan 21

Contracts – model contracts

Having reviewed some of the key components of a freelance contract it’s time to look at a couple of actual contracts. I’m not saying that these are the contracts you ought to use (I’m not a lawyer – you should get legal advice before signing a contract) but they’re examples of the sorts of contracts …

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Jan 20

Contracts – copyright, ownership and intellectual property

When you complete a piece of work and deliver it to a client can you re-use it with another client? Or, can the client then use it over and over? Can they on-sell it? Can you resell it to another client? All of these questions have, at their heart, the basic principles of copyright, ownership …

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Jan 19

Contracts – defining the scope of work

It’s amazing but so often I hear of freelancers who end up in dispute with clients over what seems to be obvious – neither party understood what the other understood the work to be. In today’s instalment on freelance contracts I’m going to be short and sweet. As a freelancer – before you agree to …

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