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Oct 26

Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface for Freelancers

Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface are out and they might prove to be both useful and challenging for freelancers.

Oct 25

Productivity Tips for Freelancers

Your productivity is constantly under threat. There are distractions like email, phone calls, social media, friends and family dropping in (who equate working from home with always being free to drop what you’re doing and go out). How do you stay productive?

Oct 19

Targeting Niches is Critical for Success

You can’t do everything. Many freelancers start out thinking that the free in freelance means that they can try whatever they like. But that’s not true. Successful freelancers focus on specific niches that deliver the best bang for buck.

Oct 17

The Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short description of what you do that can be delivered to a stranger who knows nothing about you or what you do in in the time you share an elevator ride.

Oct 15

How’s your client mix?

In a superficial way, there are really only two types of clients; good and bad. But the reality is that you need a client mix. If all your clients are the same you might as well have one boss and go back to working for someone else.