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Jan 11

Time Wasting Clients

Hitting deadlines can be challenging when the client doesn’t help.

May 20

The tools of the freelance trade

Freelancers can be overwhelmed by all the different tools they can use. Here’s some information to help find a path through the confusion. Here’s a presentation I recently gave on some of my favourite tools.

Mar 21

Three steps to avoiding the freelancing trap

Freelancing? Not rich yet? Want to know why?

Mar 15

Overcoming the loneliness of freelancing

There are some great benefits in being self-employed. A whole stack of advantages came out of a recent post on the best things about freelancing and the comments.However, it’s not all plain sailing. One of the benefits of a normal nine-to-five job is the contact with other people. In another recent post I mentioned that …

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Jan 05

Write a business plan and track it

How do you know of you’re being successful in business? Kaplan and Norton, in their seminal business book The Balanced Scorecard [Affiliate Link], said that: …organisations are operating in complex environments so an accurate understanding of their goals and the methods for attaining those goals is vital. In other words, in order to be successful …

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