Mar 15

The Value of your Website

This week I learned an important lesson. Keeping your marketing collateral and website up to date is critical.

Many freelancers, working across a range of disciplines, experience quiet times in their business. For me, this was over the summer (I’m in Australia). So I took the opportunity to review some of my marketing information and give it a thorough once-over. Of course, once I did that, work started picking up again I stopped that important, but non-urgent, task.

Flash-forward a few weeks and we get to last week. I was in a hotel room, with some time to kill and I decided to use that updated marketing information and use it to update my website. It was a task I’ve meaning to get around to but never managed to set the time aside.

So, after a couple of hours my website (www.gestaltcommunications.com) had some fresh content and a simplified look. I figured that was it – a job well done!

web-site-updateThen, out of the blue, I get a lead for a new client – one that has the potential to be a long-term partner. Very early on in the conversation the potential client made specific mention of my website and how they were impressed by the breadth of work I’d done and some of my clients. This was all information I added as part of my updated website.

Our businesses are dynamic. Many of us start out doing one thing and over time we diversify and adapt to market conditions. That means that our skills and experience can change.

Updating your website, LinkedIn profile and other online collateral is important. It’s a window into you and your business that can be the difference between a potential client calling you or passing you by.

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